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Below you will find our products, listed by function in the following categories:

1klasa Class I - Retainers - appliances for the correction of minor problems and stabilisation.

1klasaClass II -  occurring as a result of backward position of the lower posterior teeth relative to the upper posterior teeth (first molar relationship), often in combination with forward position of the upper anterior teeth and/or the upper jaw and/or teeth tipping. Class II malocclusions refer to inadequate growth of the lower jaw (mandible) or excessive growth of the upper jaw (maxilla), or their combination. Typically, the patient’s profile is convex, with a retruded lower lip and chin. In many cases, this type of malocclusions is hereditary and/or occurs due to some external factors, like finger sucking. Class II malocclusions should be treated in the patient’s growth period to allow for forward development of the mandible.

1klasaClass III - occurring as a result of forward position of the lower posterior teeth relative to the upper posterior teeth (first molar relationship). Class III malocclusions are caused by excessive growth of the mandible or inadequate growth of the maxilla, or their combination. The patient’s profile is concave, with a dominant chin and protruding lower lip. Often, this type of malocclusions can be hereditary.

1klasa Open Bite - meaning lack of overlapping of the upper front teeth against the lowers (inadequate overbite with some anterior disclusion). Most often, this occurs as a result of habits, like finger sucking, tongue pushing (aka thrust) or imbalanced growth of the jaws.

1klasa Deep Bite -  meaning excessive overlapping of the upper front teeth against the lowers (very often the lower incisors completely covered by the upper incisors). This malocclusion can result from excessive eruption of the upper incisors or excessive forward growth of the maxilla.

1klasa Transverse Expansion - appliances for transverse expansion

1klasa Sagittal Expansion - appliances for sagittal expansion

1klasa Distalisation - appliances for distalisation

szyny Orthopaedic Splints - splints for orthopaedic applications

hrrrHabit Breakers - appliances for habit fighting

chrapanieAnti-snoring Appliances - appliances for snoring prevention


Owing to design variability, some appliances may be used for various malocclusions or problems, hence appearing under more than one category. Each appliance available for more categories has been labelled with a set of respective icons shown above.

Appliances shown on this website are not the only options offered by ORTO-TECHNIKA. Other custom designs following individual specifications also available.